Make your holiday home a holiday for you! 

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Do you have a holiday home that sits empty half the time? 

Do you worry that a storm has damaged your property when you’re not around?

Do you want to let a friend use the house or let a tradesman in - but don’t know how to let them in without you being there?

With Lahinch Property Management you can:

Rest assured that your key is safe, yet available for collection at the drop of a hat.

Have peace of mind that your house will be checked up on, so you can be notified in case of any damage during a storm - without travelling down during bad weather!

Relax and know that all of the maintenance work is taken care of. 

Make additional revenue without lifting a finger! Just let us know when you’re not using the house and we’ll manage short term holiday rentals in your property while you’re away and deposit the payment directly to your account - without you ever having to speak to a guest. 

With over 20 years of experience, you know that your property is in good hands!


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